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Pure performance marketing has grown into one of the most effective sales and distribution channels for marketers of all shapes and sizes globally.

Pay-for-performance programs have earned their place in the marketing plans of many of the world’s most recognized and specialized brands. If you’re a marketer who sells products or services online, the question is not whether to develop a pay-for-performance program, it’s who to partner with to develop and manage it.

Astoria Company and it's global network of pay per call and online affiliate marketing networks, is the partner of choice for the most productive online and pay per call marketers in the industry. Our teams and technologies support thousands of advertisers in pay-for-performance programs ranging from affiliate and cross-platform strategies to customized relationship tracking programs.

How can we help you drive growth through affiliate and other pay-for-performance programs?

Astoria Company facilitates and supports equitable, lucrative relationships between advertisers and publishers. Clients rely on us to create opportunities, align incentives, provide accountability and drive innovation in the performance marketing space.

Benefits for Advertisers

  • Increase sales
  • Reduce acquisition costs
  • Expand distribution and reach
  • Improve customer lead quality
  • Buy Customers not just clicks

Astoria Company quickly boosts your profits by allowing you to drive more sales for campaigns you are already running.

With unique phone numbers, you'll get credit for the calls as well as clicks on existing programs, and you will also have access to more offers.

  • Boost profits on current campaigns.
  • Get better offers from more advertisers.
  • Increase conversion rates.
  • Earn higher commissions.
  • Profit from offline offers, in print, outdoor and more.
  • Combine clicks and calls to optimize your offers.
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