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We understand that advertisers don't want to pay publisher commissions for every call — just the good calls. With Astoria's performance marketing platform, you only pay commissions on calls that meet your own quality criteria. You set the price, and you decide which calls you want to take. Simply define the appropriate call filters within the RingRevenue platform. Publishers will see your target criteria when applying to promote your campaigns. Then, only the calls that meet your requirements are connected to your call center. You also have the power to make your campaigns available only to publishers you want to work with, freeing you from worry about unfamiliar publishers driving calls to your call center.

Painless quality pricing:

• Base commissions on the value of the product or service. • Use a simple multiplier: current CPA x average call center conversion rate e.g. With a $50 CPA for an online sale and your average call center conversion at 50%, your commission should be $25 for a high-quality call. • More cost effective than straight CPA on phone sales, due to higher quality callers. • Easy-to-adjust pricing allows you to start with what feels right and gain traction. • Define custom pricing for individual publishers or promo numbers.

Calls routed through the platform are likely to be higher quality than the average caller into your call center. This is because the call has to meet your quality criteria before your phone even rings.

The Astoria team is available to help you set up, price and fine-tune your Pay-Per-Call campaigns.

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